Complex Theater
6476 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

April  4th  2015

Screening Schedule:

Block 1 Films 11:15am - 12:50pm

“'Turn It Up”
“'A Good Heart”
““'Sacred Heart”
“'The Suburbs Go On Forever”

Block 2 Films 12:55pm-2:20pm

“'JGivens - The Bus Stop Song”
“'Meter Maid Man”
“'Tick Tock”
““'Circle Of Life”
““'Mojave Junction”
“'Firefly Catcher”

Block 3 Films 2:25pm-5:20pm

“Undercover Asia: Voices Under The Mango Tree”
“'The Chosen One”
Block 1 Tickets $13
Block 2 Tickets $13
Block 3 Tickets $13

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All Sales Are Final

All Sales Are Final

All Sales Are Final